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    CHINA, HONG KONG : Policemen rest following pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong on September 29, 2014. Police fired tear gas as tens of thousands of pro-democracy demonstrators brought parts of central Hong Kong to a standstill in a dramatic escalation of protests that have gripped the semi-autonomous Chinese city for days. AFP PHOTO / XAUME OLLEROS

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    *spreads avocado on a red hot chili peppers cd* FUCK I LOVE CALIFORNIA

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    Partially submerged whale carcass

    Photo credit: Espen Bergersen

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    people who dont like the smashing pumpkins can literally suck my dick and if u think adore was a ‘failure’ and u are a pumpkins fan u can still suck my dick because it’s their best album besides melancholy 

    - c 

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    Paths of Glory (1957) directed by Stanley Kubrick.

    Gentlemen of the court, there are times that I’m ashamed to be a member of the human race and this is one such occasion.

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    Rachael Milton

    Egg (Prometheus)
    Plaster, acrylic paint

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